Conversations About Death

You are invited to a small retreat on death in

Oakland on Saturday, April 28, 10am-4:30pm.

Last Fall, after a year of extreme grief and loss, I attended the SF Zen Hospice’s Open Death Conversations day-long forum. I found it to be helpful, and I also knew from my many years of teaching (yoga & elementary school) and retreat experience that these conversations can be hosted in a more intimate, deep way. Afterwards they offered their curriculum in order for us to host our own Conversations. In that spirit, I will be offering Conversations About Death day long retreat tailored to the needs of the group that RSVPs. This is being offered by donation, dāna, in the spirit of generosity, ($108-254 suggested donation).

I’ve lead, assisted and coordinated multiple retreats over the past 20 years. I feel certain that there isn’t sufficient talk about death and am inspired to make this conversation available to folks, as we are all grieving in some capacity. When I was in the throws of sudden, deep grief, I made phone calls for support groups that were going to meet 2-3 months later. We need immediate support in times of grief and the roller coaster it puts us on as it ebbs and flows and the waves of it crash around us–sometimes taking us down, other times enlivening our spirits.

Space will be limited to 12 total participants.
Register ASAP:
*****As of March 15th: 9 spaces left.*****

Vegan soup & chai will be provided, bring other lunch items & snacks to share.

May we continue to support each other deeply. Thank you for your support.

Eleni Gekas