Communing with the Earth: Saturday May 28th

Join us for a daylong retreat in the beautiful Inverness-Seahaven area, where we will explore a variety of ways of communing with the Earth.

Why work directly in this way with the Earth?
  • normalize biological rhythms
  • improve blood flow
  • reduce chronic pain and stress
  • relax, ground, and rejuvenate

Meditation and movement facilitator Peter DeWitt, founder of Elements musical ritual, will guide earth-based contemplative practices involving original music and conscious movement.

Wellness Consultant Eleni Gekas will facilitate a discussion on the Earth Element from an Ayurveda perspective and share tips on how to balance and nourish ourselves accordingly. She will also prepare and cook an Ayurvedic meal for our lunch together.

William and Theresa Prince will guide participants in a series of Qigong movements that enhance the body’s connection to the Earth.


location: private residence in Inverness

date: Saturday, May 28th: 10am – 5:30pm

cost: $75

Registration limited, SIGN UP NOW: or 818-823-0269