What is Mindfulness?

Image What is Mindfulness Monks San Francisco & Berkeley sand MandalaMindfulness brings us to the present moment. As we are actively engaged in our relatively stressful lives, it is essential to take brief moments throughout the day to notice, and calm ourselves, to ground ourselves in the present.  We need tools for shedding the neurotic, sped-up overlay of tension we all face in our daily lives. By removing our own stress through awareness and breath, we can awaken our embodied, grounded sense of being. During our sessions together we will use our bodies as the focus of mindfulness.

Mindfulness Training Series

  • Beginner Basics: 6 weeks, 2x/week, 45 minutes
  • Mindfulness Moderation: 6 weeks, 2x/week, 45 minutes
  • Deepening Discipline: 6 weeks, 2x/week, 45 minutes
  • Holding It Down: on-going, 2-5x/week, 45 minutes
  • Open practice

Mindful Families

  • Self-Care for Parents
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Raising a Mindful Family, kiddos too!

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