Ayurvedic Consultations

Image - Ayurvedic Consultation San Francisco Berkeley Herbs, Diet, Lifestyle Plan - Herbal spice bowlAyurvedic Consultations will determine a person’s unique Ayurvedic constitution, identify any imbalances that may be present, and will assist in developing a personalized treatment program. These consultations foster an awareness that allows one to create balance and harmony, thus avoiding the onset of symptoms. If illness is already present, Ayurveda helps you to create the optimum environment in your body for healing to take place.

Prior to your initial consultation you will received an in-depth questionnaire to fill out on your own. You will need to email the forms at least 24 hours prior to the consultation.

Initial Ayurvedic Consultation

Each initial consultation session lasts 1 hour. During this time we’ll discuss specific concerns you have regarding your health, your diet and lifestyle. With this discussion, plus pulse and tongue diagnosis, a picture of your Ayurvedic constitution will become clear, and also the causes of imbalances.

Wellness Plan

Using the information from the Initial Consultation, a personal Wellness Plan will be created just for you, this may include: Nutrition recommendations, Herbal formulas, Detoxification and Cleansing programs, and Lifestyle suggestions, all pertaining to your specific needs.

Follow up Appointments

Follow-up appointments are suggested weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly after the Initial Consultation. Follow-up appointments are designed as a check-in and to make adjustments to your Wellness Plan accordingly. Changes may be made to the program as needed to help you to reach your balanced state. Follow-up appointments are in person, by phone, or by video conferencing.

These appointments may also involve Yoga, Breath work, Mindfulness, or Deep Relaxation sessions.

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Ayurveda Appointments
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