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Ela Ayurveda offers one-on-one health consultations, Ayurvedic plans, Mindfulness coaching, Yoga practice, and Doula birth support. Make lifestyle choices to facilitate healthy living and a greater, more productive life balance through awareness.

Button Book a Session with Ayurvedic consultant, Yoga Lessons, Mindfulness Practice HomeIt’s time to engage with your health and commit to bringing more balance in mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda practitioner Eleni Gekas supports and guides your path to health and well-being. You deserve to feel better!

HOME HEALTH RETREATS– a gift of deepening your self-care and practice at your own home!
Bring the Practice Home.
Have you ever turned the pages of a retreat catalog, or searched the web for a retreat that might suit your needs? Instead, did you find that you were perhaps interested in one part, but not the other parts of the retreat? Now you have the opportunity to practice in your own home with Eleni. You may choose meditation, yoga, restorative yoga, Ayurvedic cooking, a city mindful hike, and perhaps a small art project.

Home Health Retreats foster a deeper connection to your personal practice, creating a space in your home particularly for the depth to continue once your retreat is finished.

Prior to the retreat in your home, Eleni and you will discuss the details of your day long. We will also discuss times of practice, types of practice, and cooking preferences.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of choices in creating your personal Health Retreat. Prices will vary according to what you choose.

Daily Sessions

In your own home, Eleni will come to you to serve as a guide for a Health Retreat. Together we will determine what your Retreat will include based on the time you have available, and your intentions. Should you be located outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, we will use Skype and phone.

Ayurveda Consultation & Coaching
During our first meeting, we will gauge what your naturally balanced state is according to the principals of Ayurveda. Once we determine your body’s constitution, I will share with you guiding principles in Ayurveda to support a balanced nature in body, mind, and spirit. We will create a balanced Health Retreat accordingly. This may include dietary changes, and lifestyle recommendations post retreat. Focus will be on sleep, relationships, and digestion—both food and emotions.

Daily Check In

Once a day, before/after our Daily Session, we will talk by phone to find out how you are doing, what your current needs are, intentions, goals, and how the retreat is going. We will modify the next Daily Session accordingly.

Home Cooked Meal(s) Cooking Lessons, Menu Planning, Grocery Shopping Lists, Kitchen Organization

Healing starts from what we feed ourselves and what we can actively digest. I will guide you to make food choices to support your body’s balanced state and to kindle your digestive fire. Together we will determine a menu plan and make shopping lists. We will stock your kitchen with basic healthy cooking staples to facilitate cooking in the future. We will organize your kitchen so healthy quick meals can become a part of your everyday life.

Guided Mindfulness Training

Health and healing start from training the mind to accept the current condition of the body.  I will guide you to use a somatic mindfulness practice to work with the body. Whatever goal or intention may be for the practice, the closer we engage our bodies fully in the process, the quicker relaxation, tension and stress relief can occur.

Ayurveda Body Treatments

Daily oil massage is recommended in Ayurveda. I will teach you how to apply massage oil according to the principals of Ayurveda’s daily routine. I will give you body oil massages and head massages.


Whether you are a seasoned student, new practitioner, or a once-in-a-while yoga participant, we will create a guided practice according to what areas of focus are determined together. I will teach you a private yoga class in our Daily Sessions which can include restorative yoga, guided yoga nidra, and breathing practices.

Sign up soon and set the New Year in motion with guided intention and depth of practice!