What is Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Replenishing?

image of eleni holding newborn baby what is birth support doula what is it soft circle 400pxDoula in Greek means  “a woman who serves.” As your doula, I am here to serve you to support your care postpartum.

Ayurveda is an Indian health system that focuses on the bodily energies being in balance: mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It is the belief that the first 42 postpartum days impact the next 42 years of a birthing parent’s life and their child. We tend not to notice the impact childbirth has on the entire system. If left unchecked, the resulting imbalance can create additional problems with: digestion, elimination, hormones, nervous system, pelvic and abdominal organ conditions.

Working with Eleni was such a worthwhile investment in my current and future well-being, and consequently in my baby’s well-being. I credit so much about the ease of my recovery and my good health to her knowledge and presence. Her food was delicious, the bodywork daily was amazing and her input about babies was priceless! She really helped me protect space for myself and transition slowly and mindfully into this role as a new mother. As a result, I have been able to hold my baby with so much care and love because I felt so cared for by Eleni. I felt so accompanied in creating the kind of sanctuary of peace I wanted for my new family. I credit Eleni a great deal for the ways we are all thriving – she helped us create a solid foundation starting from early postpartum days. She was right there with us starting the day after bringing my daughter home. It was so relieving to rely on her as part of our care team.  -A.A.

Prenatal Visit

  • Our Prenatal Visit takes place at your home. We will discuss your wishes and needs for postpartum care.
  • The meeting covers an Ayurvedic approach to Postpartum Care, Ayurveda Intake, Grocery Checklist & Kitchen Orientation, and Postpartum Support Team Recommendations. You will receive a Folder of Information that includes these resources.

Postpartum Visits

  • Postpartum visits focus primarily on the 42 days offering practices and tools for birthing parent, baby, family, friends and community.
  • Visits include in-home rejuvenative treatments, restorative warm meals and kitchen support, healthy newborn bonding and care for 3-4 hours/day.
  • Herbal supplements and food suggestions will help milk supply, lessen mood swings, and strengthen immunity.
  • Transcribed Birth Story.

Eleni was part of our birth team for our first child, who was born this past May. We dubbed her our “Ayurvedic Doula,” as she helped support our birth doula team and, most importantly, assisted my wife with massages, pressure points, and other comfort measures, as well as coaching her through the final hours of pushing. She also provided me with similar comfort measures, as my role in assisting with the birth was far more involved and exhausting than I had bargained for! With her assistance, our daughter was born naturally and is healthy, happy, and thriving. But her role didn’t end there, as Eleni also helped us deal with postpartum issues, including diet, relaxation, and healing techniques, all drawing on her deep knowledge of Ayurveda.

It was such a pleasure to share our natural childbirth experience with Eleni, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of prenatal, childbirth, or postpartum Ayurvedic consultation.

– Christopher R

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