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Yoga practice Health consultation in San Francisco Berkeley Yoga LessonsEleni has been a student of yoga since 1997, and has been teaching since 1999.

Yoga is an ancient tool for self-awareness, strength, and flexibility; it is a way to explore, open, and calm bodies and minds. I work with students where they are – helping them move safely, comfortably, and easefully into postures. With a focus on breath awareness, the mind naturally becomes quiet, and this allows the essence of Yoga to unfold within.

We live in an exceptionally busy time, with distractions and stimuli constantly bombarding us. Often students come to my classes or see me for private sessions in order to get away from it all, and come back to a natural state of balance and relaxation.

Private Yoga Sessions

For private sessions, I tailor the routine to meet the specific needs of my client. I take into account their personality, level of health, experience, lifestyle, Ayurvedic body type, injuries, personal goals, stress, and comfort level.

Sessions are 1-2 hours and include poses, pranayama (breath awareness) and meditation.

●    Package discounts available for 10 classes
●    Small group sessions available
●    Pre-wedding classes for you and your fiancée, or your guests

Please contact me for any inquiries or appointments.

Yoga for Children

Yoga for kids Logo stretching expression campAs an elementary school teacher, I’ve seen the documented benefits of children’s Yoga first hand. I bring Yoga to children with creative lesson plans that are age appropriate. I teach children poses through learning about animals in different habitats, playing co-operative games with one another, and learning how to soothe their minds by being quiet and still. Practicing Yoga can help your child’s focus in school and sports, and it can also help combat childhood obesity.

I have developed a program called Stretching Expression—it is a creative teacher-training program to bring Hatha Yoga into the classroom.

Image Kids Yoga - doll on yoga mat San Francisco BerkeleyBenefits of Classroom Yoga
●    Improves attention span and focus
●    Encourages play and creativity in the classroom
●    Provides a way to check in with students and determine energy level and emotions
●    Increases body awareness and comfort with changing bodies
●    Decreases tension/stress and provides physical, mental, and emotional release
●    Can encourage multiple learning styles in the classroom

Some ways that you can bring Yoga into your classroom are:
●    Breaks – short sessions to calm energy and increase focus
●    Separate classes – long sessions can be added to daily weekly activities
●    Combined curriculum – ways of adding Hatha Yoga/movement into the classroom as it relates to the subject at hand

Teachers – if you are interested in bringing Yoga into your classroom, I’m available for private coaching and training. I am also available to lead Staff Professional Development Workshops on site. Please contact me for details and rates.

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